Valorant Roster Inferus eSports

Valorant – Inferus eSports announces new roster

We are proud to present our latest valorant. The team consists of Christoph “Itzi” Gerstel, Fatih “Arc” Pekcan, Furkan “Lit” Pekcan, Iliya Yordanov “Ilyot” Todorov and Jeske “Frostelele” Florian. The team is also supported by analyst IudaN and team manager Özge “PixieDust” Özekenci.

The team will compete for titles in major competitive tournaments for Inferus eSports after an acclimation period and hard training phases.

I not only see potential, I also see future. The chemistry and style of play is a unique fit and will cause problems for many big teams.

Rémy Gogoll – Owner Inferus eSports

Inferus eSports is looking forward to a glorious future and is happy to call such a team now part of the family.


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